Hi, I'm Cristian



Cristian Reynaga is a man of integrity, a product of Compton, raised by a single mother Maria Reynaga, and his aunt Josie Reynaga, which immigrated from Mexico in the early 1970s in search of the American dream. They found home and hope in the city of Compton. Josie played a key role in Cristian's upbringing and love for people. Josie is a successful  businesswoman, and well-known community servant established one of the first Latina-owned beauty salons in the city over 25 years ago and has used it as a hub to serve her community.


Cristian's passion for civic engagement and working hard is rooted in his aunt Josie’s dedication to being a blessing and putting the community first, from serving as a city commissioner, a former President of the Latino Chamber of Commerce, and giving back to our community through a variety of ways: giving free haircuts to kids throughout the city, food, and toys for families, family entertainment and more.  She understood the importance of family, love for community, and making a positive impact in the lives of others. She instilled in him the importance of serving our city and taking an active role in his community through local government.

Cristian has always had a passion for civic engagement. At 8 years old Cristian began attending council meetings, volunteered in many city-sponsored events, and as a teen secured an internship in the office of Assembly-member Isadore Hall. As a young adult Cristian has fond memories of volunteering at “Compton Creek Clean Up” efforts hosted by Councilwoman Yvonne Arceneaux. Cristian was concerned with civic matters and worked to involve himself in the task of finding ways to better Compton.

Cristian Reynaga is a successful entrepreneur who never ceases to give back to his community. Currently, serving as the vice-chair of the Compton Taxpayer Committee and vice-chair of the community relations commission. He also founded “Neighborhood with Anointing”, an initiative he championed to combat the negative narrative that surrounds Compton.   He understands first-hand the challenges that residents face and is looking forward to the opportunity of being an active part of the solution. Cristian is a man of faith, and hope, and strongly believes in loving your neighbor as yourself.  He is solution-focused, results-driven, and eager to get to work with you.


Compton is too blessed to be stressed

I, Cristian Reynaga, respectfully ASK for your vote!

Like you, I LOVE and PRAY for Compton – we are a historic city and a city of HOPE.

As a Compton homeowner, realtor, small business owner, city commissioner, and more importantly your neighbor, I know Compton is worth fighting for. Only through Love and UNITY, can our city move forward.

I would love to meet with you, listen to you, hear your stories, and understand what your vision is for Compton. I would love the opportunity to earn your vote. I believe that our residents deserve a better qualify of life. That’s why I will prioritize your concerns, and ensure our taxpayer dollars are well spent.

The City has a lot of room for improvement; no more POTHOLES!

Our city is at a crossroads, and it’s critical that we elect reliable and trustworthy leadership that loves our City.  Our city has suffered in the past due to poor leadership that has taken advantage of the hardworking people of our great city.  

I believe that City Hall can lead the way by being even more business and resident-friendly. That’s why I will ensure our taxpayer dollars are well spent through streamlined services and upgrade city technology to ensure that Compton is up to par with other cities. We will improve Compton through beautification and friendship. We will celebrate our mixed cultured neighborhoods in parks that remain SAFE and CLEAN. 

Together we can work to have a safe, healthy, and clean environment. Only through love, unity, and cooperation can our city move forward.

Please support my campaign, Vote By Mail for Cristian REYNAGA for Compton Mayor from March 23 thru April 20, 2021.

Contact Cristian Reynaga to learn more about a better City of Compton, united!