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Cristian Reynaga is committed to a safer and more prosperous city for all residents. He firmly believes that community safety is achieved through expanding and supporting on-going partnerships, love, and unity.


Cristian is a strong proponent of expanding youth programs, community policing, unity initiatives, and supporting oversight of law enforcement is essential to eradicating gang violence.  Cristian supports the city’s new Law Enforcement Oversight Board designed to hold the Sheriff's department and has participated in initiatives designed to promote improved community communication.

Cristian is committed to investing in young people as a direct form of public safety.  He served as a leader in Compton’s Inaugural MBK Program, was a member of the Fresh Tracks Compton-Alaska delegation of President Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper Program that utilized the outdoors and exposure experiences to develop leaders and unity across cultures and communities.


Cristian also understands that safety is a byproduct of prosperous families and neighborhoods and is committed to supporting programs that combat poverty and improve upward mobility, as the Compton Pledge Guaranteed Income Program and expanding access to mental health services.

Additionally, he is committed to supporting an increase in paramedic and fire service throughout Compton through the establishment of a fire station in Compton’s 4th district.


Cristian Reynaga would like to launch an aggressive plan to enforce city ordinances, including investing in 24/7 code enforcement. Cristian believes code enforcement should be available to serve residents at all times and especially on weekends and late at night when most city ordinances are violated. A strong code enforcement department can even help with illegal vehicle takeovers, street racing, noise violations, illegal dumping, and more.


Cristian believes if we unite and work together we can tackle and overcome any challenge that comes our way, no matter how big or small. Currently, our city is facing serious financial disparities. The City of Compton is in the final phase of recovering from decades of fiscal mismanagement and instability.  Cristian is a strong proponent of fiscal conservancy and is committed to prioritizing service provision, strong fiscal management, and restoring the city’s strong credit rating.


Cristian Reynaga is a strong advocate for a clean environment and combating environmental racism. Furthering investment in the city’s sewer system to improve consistent water quality and improving air quality is an essential priority. Unfortunately, as the hub city, residents are disproportionately impacted by a lack of green space and the pollution from surrounding freeways and goods movement corridors that traverse the city. To combat environmental injustice and disparate air quality, Cristian is committed to greening Compton through installing mature trees throughout the city.  By designating Compton as a Tree City USA, he will raise awareness about the endless benefits of mature trees and enhanced green spaces in Compton and urban communities on improving health and wellness:

  1. Trees provide oxygen and purify the air

  2. Trees fight climate change

  3. Trees provide relief during heat waves 

  4. Trees beautify our neighborhoods and city

  5. Trees tame stormwater 

  6. Can be known for being a Tree City rather than being known for crime

  7. One generation plants the trees; another gets the shade.
    -Chinese Proverb


As an advocate for affordable housing, Cristian will work tirelessly to ensure all residents have access to an affordable home. He will work to expand affordable housing for residents, people with disabilities, and seniors. Cristian supports protecting vulnerable tenants and he intends to be a leading voice on housing issues for tenants. We can lead city hall to create programs with public and private partners that will benefit homeowners, tenants, and everyone who calls Compton home. We can expand the current City of Compton first time home buyer program and attract new businesses.


Cristian is a strong proponent of Guaranteed Income and fully supports the Compton Pledge Guaranteed Income Pilot.  Cristian was raised by his mother and aunt, both immigrants from Sinaloa, Mexico and recognizes first hand what an income floor would have done for his family, childhood and quality of life.  Cristian watched his mother struggle to make ends meet and provide a stable home.  


Cristian Reynaga is prepared to launch an aggressive plan to fix sidewalks, streets, and courts/ways throughout the city. Some residents use a wheelchair daily, I understand how critical accessible public spaces are to all residents and their daily quality of life. He is committed to ensuring Compton will have no more potholes and making Compton streets/sidewalks accessible to all residents. Cristian Reynaga is also committed to historic preservation throughout the city and supports designating Richland Farms as a Historic landmark so that we can protect the culture and rich history of Richland Farms.


Cristian will work to build and preserve affordable housing units. He will also fight to expand the number of emergency shelter beds and permanent supportive housing units in order to meet the demand in our city. Cristian understands the homeless epidemic is rooted in poverty and mental health and will support the expansion of wrap-around services, the establishment of a city shelter to service residents, and continued coordination with service providers. He supports partnering with nonprofits, faith-based organizations, and support systems in order to expand access to mental health care and drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs. Cristian is committed to ensuring Compton accesses its fair share of Measure H funds to help solve our homeless demand.


When elected, we can count on Cristian Reynaga to ensure that all of our neighbors — especially the most vulnerable – have the resources and care needed to live with the dignity that they deserve. We can create more community gardens and launch a fruit tree initiative to strategically plant fruit trees throughout the city that can also provide free fruit to our most vulnerable.


Compton is home to numerous impactful nonprofits and faith-based organizations that are providing frontline services to our city. Cristian believes we can improve services and solve issues by forging better coordination between these groups and by pushing our state and federal leaders to assist.


-Cesar Chavez.


Cristian believes Compton can and should enhance our resources. Some enhancements he suggests are free wifi at our parks and community centers, a dog park, and an equestrian center. Very importantly ensuring our Dollarhide Senior Center is thriving and the happiest place in Compton. I believe our Seniors deserve nothing but the best. We can also establish an Education commission that can liaison with the Compton Unified School District and College districts.

Cristian would love to listen to what you’d like to see be enhanced in Compton, please visit the contact page and let Cristian know your vision.


April 20th, 2021.




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